The history of almost every pest control service in the United States today possesses the DNA of either “Otto the Rat Man” founded by Otto Orkin in Lockport, Pennsylvania in 1901 or the Bruce Terminix Research Laboratory founded by E. L. Bruce in Memphis, Tennessee in 1927.

S & B Best Pest possesses Terminix® DNA.

This is true for many of the locally owned pest control businesses in the St. Louis area, which were launched after the purchase of Terminix® by ServiceMaster Global Holdings, Inc. in 1986.

Alarmed by the lack of attention to customer service under the new corporate regime, Bill Wingbermuehle and Steve Clutts left to conceive and launch a new business in 1988, which put attention to detail and customer service at the heart of its DNA. Six months later, they formally incorporated S & B Best Pest in 1989. Joining them in this new business venture was Patricia Wingbermuehle, who would serve as the financial administrator of the day-to-day business operations for thirty years.

Bill and Steve recruited Robert Garrison to S & B Best Pest in 2001, who brought along another valuable addition to our history. Kristine (Macari) Garrison could offer expertise in radon gas testing and mitigation under the umbrella of the newly expanded business. Like many individuals and businesses, we had to weather numerous changes as well as the storm associated with the Great Recession. Steve Clutts left the business to pursue new opportunities in the American South during the mid-2000s. Due to changes in regulatory law, Kristine established AAA Radon Services as a separate legal entity in 2011.

In 2016, Bill and Pat decided to retire, transferring the history, ownership and leadership of S & B Best Pest to their long-time employees and friends, Robert and Kristine Garrison, who see an “exciting and challenging opportunity to renew our commitment to customer service, professionalism, and the best expertise.”

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